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June 13, 2016

Why is Microsoft Buying LinkedIn?


Today Microsoft just surprised the world with its LinkedIn acquisition. Valued at $26.2 billion – all cash! – it's no small price tag for a social network and it tops the charts as Microsoft's biggest-ever acquisition. While many are surprised at the cash figure, the question on everyone's lips is – what is Microsoft going to do with LinkedIn?

The cost of a social network presence.

December 8, 2015

The smart marketing strategies behind Slack's extreme growth

After joining Slack as the company’s first marketing employee in late 2014, CMO Bill Macaitis shares his thoughts on the role of marketing for optimizing consumer experiences and long-term business growth. “Marketing has a huge role in that [user’s] experience and is often one of the first touch points that a customer has with your brand. It is critical that they have a great first experience.”

Read the full interview here.

September 10, 2015

B2B vs. B2C: How Content Marketing Changes by Target Audience

Marketing to businesses and customers are two vastly different concepts but contain a number of blurred lines and strategies. From intent and messaging to channels and format, businesses and consumers don’t think alike. Consumers may be more interested in exclusivity or cost effectiveness while businesses want to keep the imperative of building thought leadership in mind.

Read some of the key differences and some of the crossovers between the two.